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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don 2-"The King is Back"Box Office Collections

SRK's Don 2 collected a wooping 15.3crores on the opening day,which is the highest first day collection on a non-holiday day.

The Film which is a sequel to the 2006 movie "DON" which was a Super Hit at the Box Office.

Here are the reports:

On the first day the film collected 14.3crores from its hindi version and 53lakhs from Tamil and Telgu versions.

On the second day the film collected around 14.6crores from its hindi version occupying 20-25% at the box office.

On its third day the movie collected a bumping 17.8crores from the Hindi Version.

Over the weekend Don 2 collected 45.6crores from its hindi versions + 1.5crores of Tamil and Telgu version(2 days).

On the second week the film collected around 7crores on Monday and 8.4crores on Tuesday and 5.5crore in Wednesday.
The movie collected around 75.8crores in India 2weeks.

On the third week the movie stood with 108crores collections of total three weeks in India.

The film broke many records overseas first of all reaching position 6 in the UK box office.
The total overseas collections was reported as 68.8crores and declared a super hit.

The movie made at a budget of 75crores(15 million$ approx),collected around 170crores(27 million$) in three weeks.



  1. Hi did not know this film, but I'll watch and comment here I found the * _ *

    1. Loved this movie:) must watch